Industry Structure

The New Zealand seafood industry works under a structure comprising Rights Owners, Commercial Stakeholder Organisations (CSOs), and the company established to work on behalf of the industry – the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council. The relationships between these various components of the industry are shown in the diagram at right.

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council works on behalf of the New Zealand industry, looking after the interests of a diverse industry and promoting healthy growth.

The Council’s main focus is in shaping policies and the regulatory framework, lobbying for surety of access to fisheries, reducing tariffs, working co-operatively on fisheries management and environmental issues and also providing an avenue for funding for scientific research and value-added information.

Council subsidiary, Commercial Fisheries Services Ltd – FishServe as it is commonly known – operates many aspects of the quota management system, including the registry of quota ownership, trades, catch entitlements, permits and catch records for the Ministry of Fisheries and other stakeholders.
“Seafood New Zealand”
Also under the Council’s umbrella is the monthly Seafood New Zealand magazine with a readership of more than 18,000 people ranging from skippers to fishing company executives and researchers to consumers.
Seafood ITO
Another key role for the levy-funded Council is providing training programmes through the Seafood Industry Training Organisation (Seafood ITO). Seafood ITO aims to ensure that the industry has available the skills and experience needed at every stage of the harvest and delivery system in order for the industry to compete internationally and meet customer and consumer needs.
Industry structure
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The Council in Action

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council provides professional, contestable advice to government and the industry on sound fisheries management policies and practices. Through information, consultation and input into central and local government decision-making processes, the Council assists the growth of the industry. Underpinning this is a commitment to sustainable development and to protect New Zealand’s marine resources.

In 1997 the Council assumed most of the functions of the New Zealand Fishing Industry Board under an Agency Agreement. Since then the Council’s primary role has been to promote the healthy development of the New Zealand seafood industry. This occurs through advocacy, policy development, and the provision of scientific and educational services to the commercial seafood industry.

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Board
The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council is governed by a Board of up to eight Directors appointed by the industry. Directors are appointed by shareholder vote at the Annual General Meeting from nominations made by shareholders. Shareholders in the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council are Commercial Stakeholder Organisations, their agent or any other person approved by the Board.
Shareholders attending the AGM, or in writing, vote in favour of one or more people nominated for appointment to any vacancy on the Board. Each year at least one third of the Directors are required to retire from office, but remain eligible for reelection at that meeting. The Directors to retire are those who have been longest in office since their last election.

The Directors elect one of their number as chairperson of the Board. The chairperson of the Board holds that office until he or she vacates it or the Directors elect a chairperson in his or her place.

The Annual General Meeting is generally held in February of every year.

Current Board members
Dave Sharp, Chairman

Eric Barratt, Managing Director, Sanford Ltd

Peter Vitasovich, Chair, Aquaculture New Zealand

Jeremy Fleming, CEO, Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd

Ross Tocker, General Manager Operations, Sealord Group Ltd

Andrew Talley, Director, Talley’s Fisheries Ltd

Daryl Sykes, Executive Director, New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council

Tony Threadwell, Director, Pegagus Fishing Ltd

New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Constitution 219kB
Industry Structure
The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council is a company owned by the industry. Its brief is to look after the generic interests of a diverse and exciting industry and promote healthy growth.

For further information about how the Council fits within the industry, how that industry operates and is funded, see Industry Structure.


About us

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Ltd works on behalf of the New Zealand seafood industry. The industry is made up of about 2500 participating enterprises, including fishermen and aquaculturists and family-owned, publicly listed and joint venture seafood companies, fisheries management organisations and retailers.

The Council in Action

The Council is a company owned by the industry. Its main areas of focus are in shaping policies and the industry’s regulatory framework, lobbying for surety of access to fisheries, reducing tariffs, working co-operatively on fisheries management and environmental issues, and providing an avenue for funding for scientific research and value-added innovation. More information click here »

You can find out more about the structure of the New Zealand industry and how the Council fits within it; the Council’s Business Plan, its Board, and its Constitution.

Business Units
The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council is organised into four business Units.

The Science group is responsible for fisheries science, research and development. This includes strategic science policy, influencing and monitoring research processes and supporting fishery management development. Find out more about Science.

The Policy group supports the seafood industry with strategic policy advice in key areas including fisheries law andregulations, property rights in capture fisheries and aquaculture, and environmental issues. Find out more about Policy.

Trade and Information

The Trade and Information group comprises three areas of activity:

Trade and International Policy works closely with government to identify opportunities for improving market access for New Zealand seafood products.

The Information Centre provides library and information services to the industry itself, government, and the public.

The Seafood Standards Council is an official committee of the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council and is primarily concerned with the assurance of food safety for seafood produced in New Zealand.

Seafood ITO is the Industry Training organisation (ITO) for New Zealand’s seafood industry. Seafood ITO delivers high quality education and training to people of all ages and levels of experience employed in the seafood industry. Find out more about the Seafood ITO.
To contact the Council
If you want to make contact with a Council staff member by email the convention is, eg

You can also get in touch with the Council using Contact Us.


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New Zealand As a Destination for Sex Toys


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Carpet Cleaning In East Auckland


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Cleaning alone will only take care of what needs to be cleaned; you’ll need to use some extra precautions to make sure you get the most out of your cleaning job. Here are a few things you should always do with your cleaning job.

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Wallpainting Services – Tips For Choosing Great Wallpainters


There are many Auckland painters that are talented, hardworking and have the same values that all good artists have. They can make your walls look fantastic and they will also enhance your home. Here are a few tips for choosing a suitable Auckland painter.

If you are searching for a fine example of Auckland painters, you will need to take a few steps in order to ensure you find great artwork that you can be proud of. These steps are also a quick and easy way to make sure you have a great, unique and great looking wall that is going to make anyone who sees it smile. This article can give you some useful advice that can help you make sure you find an artist that will enhance your home, your rooms and more importantly, your walls.

Firstly, you should consider how long you want the painting to last and how much it will cost. A wall can be painted in a day or over a period of time depending on the artist and the quality of the work.

Secondly, you will need to ask about the experience of the Auckland painters you are considering working with. The better the artists you hire will have a greater degree of artistic talent, which means they will create fantastic works.

Thirdly, check out testimonials from previous clients of the wall painting that you are considering hiring. You will also need to check their expertise in the field, as many will advertise themselves as talented and you may not know if they really are or not.

Fourthly, ask about the proof of their work before hiring them. Ask to see examples of their wall paintings and other work they have done, and you should be able to tell from the quality of the work that they can get the job done.

Fifthly, make sure that you choose a Sydney-based company that has been in business for some time, as you don’t want to waste your money on someone who is new to the business. Look for a company that has several Sydney painters on their roster, as these artists will provide you with a range of services that include painting and decorating.

Sixthly, take time to look through the portfolio of the Sydney-based companies that you are considering hiring, so that you are able to view their portfolio of quality painters. Find one or two they like and visit the studios to discuss your ideas. When hiring one of the Sydney-based companies, the best thing you can do is look at their portfolios, as they will not offer you the same results if they do not have any current portfolios.

Seventhly, you should ask for some professional references from the artists you wish to hire. These references should be people that have worked with the companies that hire their services, as they should have given feedback on the services that the companies provided. Also ask for reviews from people that have previously used the services of one of the companies.

Eighthly, look for companies offering wall painters that have websites. By doing this, you can see what the companies do, and how well they go about the job of decorating your home.

Ninthly, you will want to hire wall painters that can offer a range of wall covering, as this will allow you to cover most of the areas that you wish to cover, such as doors, windows, windowsills, ceilings, moulding, mirrors, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, lighting, ceiling fans, bathroom ceiling fans, entrance doors, shutters, custom accent lights, tiles, stucco and wallpaper-type services. You should also ensure that the company that hires the wall painters has online galleries and websites, so that you can see examples of their work before you hire them.

These are some great tips for making sure you choose Auckland painters that will enhance your home and not damage it. If you take the time to research each company you are considering, you will get the best result and the best value for your money.


Pest Control Near Me – What to Do


I just finished reading an article about pest control near me. There are issues that plague our homes. Issues like pests, bad odors, dust, pests, and so on.

Many of these problems seem minor. But there is always the question of what can we do to help prevent or stop the problem from happening? Many people try to tackle it on their own, but they often end up frustrated because they have not taken the time to understand the cause of the problem in the first place.

When someone notices a problem, they will normally try to figure out how to fix it themselves. However, when you are faced with a problem like these, the best thing to do is take it to the professional. This is because the problem may not be so big.

They can usually take care of the problem quickly and effectively. However, the professional could just as easily do the same thing. So you end up getting what you paid for. And we don’t want that.

Also, many people tend to notice pests creeping into their home in the first place. While some people might notice these as small little things, others notice larger things like insects and bugs.

For example, if someone notices their clothes smelling funny, they could be dealing with an issue. If they notice something happening, they usually want to come and see what is going on before they contact the pest control professional.

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They also may not understand that the professional may be able to solve the problem faster than they can. The professional is trained and knows what to do, whereas the homeowner has no idea what to do and might not be familiar with any kind of solutions.

In any case, if the professional can get rid of the problem, then the professional will be the one to tell the homeowner that they did a good job and gave them the best solution. This makes the homeowner feel better about what they did.

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