Landscaping in New Plymouth

A well-executed landscaping project can increase the value of your property. It can also improve your quality of life. Landscaping contractors have the technical knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to reality.

A professional landscaper will use sustainable techniques to keep your garden healthy. These include selecting drought-resistant plants and implementing efficient irrigation systems.

Landscape Design

With Mount Taranaki as a majestic backdrop and the roaring Tasman Sea shaping its coastline, New Plymouth is a vibrant coastal city with a distinct character. Local landscapers are equipped with the creativity and technical expertise to help you bring these unique characteristics into your outdoor space.

Professional landscaping anchors a home to its site, connects it with the environment and creates an inviting entrance to your property. Plymouth new landscaping designers will consider your architectural style and climate to design a garden with walkways, patios, water features and other elements.

Add clean lines to your lawn with garden edging. A professional landscaper will install the edging using a precise technique that avoids damage to existing grass or plants.


Whether you want to create an inviting outdoor living space or simply enhance the beauty of your property, landscapers can help. Using creativity and technical expertise, they can transform your outdoor spaces into stunning gardens that reflect the city’s natural allure and your own unique preferences.

Moreover, they can also help you obtain any necessary permits and building consents for your project. Besides, they can advise you on sustainable landscaping practices that will reduce water consumption and minimize waste.

A well-executed landscaping project can increase the value of your property. Furthermore, it can improve your outdoor living experience and boost the health of your family.

Irrigation Systems

Rather than spending evenings standing in your garden with a hose, you can rely on an efficient irrigation system. Your landscaping professional will design a sprinkler system that takes into account Plymouth’s weather, saving you water and money!

Local landscapers are well-versed in the specifics of New Plymouth’s climate, allowing them to create outdoor spaces that complement the city’s natural allure. They are also skilled at bringing the visions of their clients to life, offering creative flair and point of difference to each project. Creating your dream garden is just a phone call away!


It’s essential to keep your grass healthy, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends. The right landscape contractors will be able to help you create a lush lawn that’s ideal for outdoor activities like playing games or throwing a football around.

Hydroseeding is a planting process where a slurry of mulch, seed, water, and fertilizer is sprayed onto the ground. It has many benefits over sod and other traditional methods of lawn establishment. The mulch helps the seeds stay in place and offers good soil coverage, which prevents weed growth. It also retains moisture better than broadcast seeding or straw-blown seed, reducing the frequency of irrigation.

Garden Edging

Garden edging helps separate flower and vegetable beds from a lawn, creating definition and distinction. Edging can be subtle or obvious and is available in a wide range of methods and materials.

Brick edging works well with cottage-style gardens, while steel and corten options are suited to modern landscape designs. Concrete edging requires proper site preparation, and can take up to six hours to cure.

Plastic edging is economical and easy to install. It can be purchased in no-dig individual panels or in long rolls that are installed with a trench. Rubber edging is another option that looks similar to plastic and is eco-friendly.

Lawn Care

Many landscaping companies offer lawn care services, such as mowing, fertilizing, weed control and trimming. They know how to plant new vegetation and what it takes to grow healthy, lush grass. They also know the local terrain, weather conditions and the needs of their clients.

A professional lawn service will also install garden edging to create clean lines that separate your yard from flower beds and other outdoor areas. This adds depth and distinction to your landscape. It also reduces weed growth and helps prevent unwanted grass or shrubbery plants from entering your yard. They can also help you design a water conservation system.

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