Sleep Out For Youth Homelessness

Sleep Out is a fundraiser to help end youth homelessness. Participants spend a night sleeping rough to experience what homeless young people face everyday. They then raise funds to support them on their journey.

Upon registration, participants will create a personal fundraising page. They can add a photo, story, and fundraising goal then share with their network to start raising!

It’s a great way to raise awareness

You can help to raise awareness about youth homelessness by participating in a sleepout. This event is a great way to raise funds and support for the youth that YSS serves. Register today and join us for a night sleeping on the field at Drake Stadium. You will have the opportunity to hear from a youth who has experienced homelessness, and learn about how you can help make an impact as a member of your community.

YSS’s annual Sleep Out is named in memory of Reggie Kelsey, who died at age 21 after aging out of foster care. The money raised by the event helps YSS to prevent another tragedy like this from occurring. The funds raised from the sleepout will go towards programs that help youth ages 16-24. The sleepout is also a great way to promote mental health issues. Mark Coombs and Hannah Brennan created Sleepout to solve a problem they were facing — both of them suffered from insomnia and needed to have complete darkness in their rooms for better sleep. They tried everything from putting blackout fabric on shower curtain rods to towels and garbage bags taped to their windows. They found that the best solution was a Sleepout Curtain.

It’s a great way to raise money

In addition to raising awareness, sleepout events are also a great way to raise money. Some fundraisers go as far as shaving their heads or doing pushups for each dollar they raise. Other ideas include holding a bake sale or lemonade stand. You can even ask your local businesses to donate supplies or services. These donations can help you raise more money for your event.

Participants gather for dinner and a program before nestling into sleeping bags for a night of community and conversation on the issue of youth homelessness. They’re grouped into teams—often in honor of the Broadway show they support—with names like Broadway Ushers United, Strangelove, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Whether you join with your friends, family, co-workers, or church group, the experience will challenge you and make you think about the reality of homeless youth. You’ll be able to raise critical funds and awareness for young people facing a future without a home, and your participation can change lives.

It’s a great way to build community

A sleepout is a powerful and impactful event that brings attention to the plight of homeless youth while raising funds to support their programs. It also fosters a sense of community, which is essential for young people who are struggling with homelessness.

During the event, participants hear invaluable insights from Vinnies NSW representatives and formerly homeless youth. They also receive a briefing on the challenges facing young people who sleep rough and how they can help. They will also have the opportunity to meet other sleepout participants and join in a morning reflection.

Whether you are participating in a Sleep Out with family or friends, it is important to ensure that all participants are safe. Depending on the location, it may be necessary to have a safety plan in place. In addition, participants should make sure that all waivers and consent forms are signed in advance of the event. Having all of these documents on hand will help ensure that everyone has a good experience at the sleepout.

It’s a great way to make a difference

Whether you are a student, a community member, or a business owner, you can make a difference by hosting your own sleepout. This event is a great way to raise awareness and funds to support youth homelessness. It can also be a fun way to bond with friends and colleagues.

During the night, participants will learn about family homelessness and take part in a variety of activities to experience what it’s like to be homeless for one night. They will also hear from formerly homeless youth and be provided with opportunities to act on what they have learned.

The goal of Reggie’s Sleepout is to raise funds and awareness for youth who are experiencing homelessness. The event is held each year to honor the memory of Reggie Kelsey, who died in a Des Moines River after aging out of foster care. It is held from Sept. 24-Oct. 3. The funds raised will support IHYC’s PAL program.

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