The Benefits of Fencing in Matakana

A quick 40 minute drive from Auckland, Matakana is home to boutique shopping and a fabulous community vibe. Its famous Saturday morning market is full of decadent treats like whitebait fritters, bacon butties, crepes and wholesome local produce to enjoy with your family.

An island kaumatua has released a Facebook video defending the barricades blocking access to Panepane wharf on Matakana Island. He says the community wants a clean beach with no litter or fires.

1. Security

Security is a key reason for many people to consider fencing their property. Security fences provide a visual deterrent to criminals and are very effective when combined with other measures such as lights, surveillance cameras, manned observation posts and sensors for vehicle penetration. Additionally, the addition of a clear zone along the fence line provides visibility and heightens the psychological deterrent for potential criminals.

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2. Privacy

Besides keeping children and pets safe from wandering off, fences provide privacy. This is because they confine a space, so neighbours can’t see inside. Depending on its construction, a fencing material can also affect the level of privacy it offers. Timber, bamboo, and aluminium are highly private, while PVC and vinyl have slats that allow neighbours to look through them. A plant privacy fence, on the other hand, offers a great deal of privacy, but it does require constant trimming and pruning.

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3. Ease of Maintenance

Fencing is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age or fitness level. It’s a great way to increase agility and flexibility while improving core strength, balance, and coordination. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout that burns calories quickly.

The acrobatics of fencing require precise body stances that improve hand-eye coordination. It also increases core and weapon arm strength while promoting balance. In addition to its physical benefits, fencing can help students develop strong mental skills such as concentration, focus, determination, analytical thinking, and goal-setting.

Painting fences and walls is a simple, cost-effective way to protect them from weather damage and keep them looking good. Regularly painted surfaces are more resistant to rust and corrosion, so they’ll last longer and require less maintenance in the long term.

4. Aesthetics

Fences are not only a part of your landscape, they can also add value to your home. Choose a fencing design that enhances the natural beauty of your yard. Fencing can frame your landscape like a picture frame and highlight its best features. Decorative fences such as ornamental metal or vinyl fences are particularly good at framing your landscape. However, even a simple wood fence can be an effective complement to your property.

A parry is a basic defense technique, blocking the opponent’s weapon with your own in order to prevent its tip from touching a valid target area, and thus winning the point by a riposte (attack). In foil and sabre, this gives the fencer priority over their opponent, but in epee, it does not; simultaneous touches to both fencers are known as “double touches.”

Fencing gloves and leg leathers protect the fencer’s arm and leg from accidental hits. These garments are typically white or black.

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