Childcare Centre Massey – Have Fun With Awesome Teachers in a Multicultural Environment

If having fun, awesome teachers and a multicultural environment excites your child, this is the place for them. They have a strong track record with the Education Review Office and excellent teacher-to-child ratios.

Children develop a sense of belonging and learn coping skills while at daycare. They also learn to value health, nutrition and activity.

Age Ranges

As a daycare worker, you should be familiar with childcare age ranges and groups. This helps you plan activities and meals that will be appropriate for the children you watch. It also allows you to ensure that the children you care for are meeting important milestones. For example, an infant and a six-year-old will need very different approaches to child development.

The first childcare age group is infants, which can be defined as kids between the ages of 0 and 18 months. During this stage, kids learn essential skills like rolling over, crawling and walking. They also work toward developmental milestones like learning to speak and share with other kids.

The next childcare age group is toddlers, which can be defined as kids between ages 18 months and three years. During this stage, children learn to climb stairs with alternate feet and begin to follow directions. They also learn to use crayons and engage in more structured games.


If you want your child to have fun with awesome teachers in a nurturing environment then childcare centre Massey is the place for them. The teachers nurture tamariki ages 0-6 years in their newly-built facility. It also offers a high teacher-to-child ratio and has excellent Education Review Office reports.

The research has strengthened, deepened and affirmed the teachers’ understandings of infants and toddlers’ learning, especially their independent exploration. They have a clearer picture of the vi disposition to enquire markers which include security, resourcefulness, resilience and reciprocity.

The teachers offer innovative education and care programmes to the children of the Massey University and wider community in an inclusive environment that respects and celebrates cultural heritage. The programme is designed to promote children’s holistic development in an atmosphere of security and understanding. The programme is based on a partnership approach that ensures that all children and families are included in the community. The teachers work closely with whanau to ensure that their individual needs are met.


If your child is ready to start learning about the world around them, then Massey Centre Day Care is a great place for them. Their fully licensed teachers will help your little ones learn to play and interact in a safe environment that celebrates diversity. The teachers at this childcare centre will work closely with you and your child to provide the best possible experiences.

Located near the campus of Massey University, this community-based early learning centre has an excellent Education Review Office report and high teacher-to-child ratios. The centre features two buildings from Massey’s Oteha Rohe campus and is licensed for 60 children with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a Pukeko section for infants and toddlers, and a Kiwi Section for young children two-and-a-half to six years old. Both sections are connected by a double deck, which can be used all year round, providing plenty of space for learning and exploration.

School Age

Y Massey Early Learning Centre is the place for tamariki to learn and have fun with awesome teachers in a multi-cultural environment. They have a wide range of activities for them to participate in and they love working with whanau to make sure your child has an amazing time at daycare.

The service is developing a culture of evaluation to improve its quality. Kaiako and leaders are establishing systems to identify what is making the most difference for children and their learning. They are establishing reciprocal relationships with parents and have established clear values and philosophies for the service.

The service is located on the Massey University Manawatu campus in Palmerston North and caters for children 30 months – 6 years of age. It is able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. It accepts the child care subsidy. Parents must provide their own transport to and from the centre. Alternatively First Student Bus and Hertz Northern Bus provide transportation to and from the school for kindergarten students.

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