How to Buy Sex Dolls Online

When it comes to buying sex dolls online, many first-time buyers may be intimidated by the potential stigma attached to their purchase. However, there are several safe and reliable companies that safeguard your privacy.

Sex dolls are a safe and convenient way to indulge in masturbation. They are popular with single men, couples, and people who spend long periods of time away from home or work.


Whether you want to use your love doll for sexual release or just as a companion, it’s important to find a quality vendor. Many sites have a high level of customer service and offer a wide selection of toys. The best online sex dolls are made from silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which offer a realistic feel and appearance. They also have anal, oral and vaginal holes.

If you’re looking for a TPE or silicone love doll, look for one with a high-quality head. A good vendor will have several head options to choose from, with different skin tone, areola size and color and hair style. They may also have pubic hair or no hair.

Avoid purchasing sex dolls from marketplace websites like eBay, Amazon or Aliexpress. These vendors are not real sex doll retailers, and they often sell cheap copies using another brand’s photos. These knockoff dolls won’t look the same and will fall apart quickly.

Customer service

If you’re a first-time doll buyer, it’s important to do some market research before making your purchase. Many fake sex doll merchandising platforms are popping up to steal your money and personal information, so it’s imperative to review online reviews from real customers. You’ll also want to consider the size of the doll, its weight, and its lubrication system.

If your doll has a metal skeleton, it can be subject to rusting over time, so make sure you purchase a lube that will keep it moist and lubricated. In addition, some dolls require special care or cleaning, so make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for best practices.

A good sex doll is one that looks realistic, has a high-quality body, and feels like a living person. You can also customize the size of the head, hair, and height to fit your personal preferences. In addition, you can add a variety of extra accessories to your doll, including wigs, clothes, and lubes.

Payment options

Sex dolls can be very expensive, and not everyone has the budget to buy them right away. Thankfully, several sex doll retailers offer flexible payment options to make it easier for customers to get the doll they want without breaking the bank. These options range from interest-free credit to layaway plans.

Silicone Lovers, for example, offers Klarna to US buyers. This is a payment model that works in a similar way to rent-to-own, and it could be a good option for people with poor credit ratings.

Another option is Slice It, which works like a revolving credit account. You can choose this payment option at checkout and then pay off your purchase in a number of installments. Once you’ve made the first payment, your order will be marked as “Order On Its Way” and production will begin immediately. Your doll will be shipped once all payments have been processed. You can also pay with Bitcoin.
Shipping times

While sex dolls are primarily marketed as a toy for singles, millions of couples in happy relationships are secretly interested in using one. This can lead to deeper intimacy and greater sexual satisfaction for both partners. It can also help couples explore their own pleasure in a safe and guilt-free manner.

However, it is important to note that the shipping times for sex dolls can be lengthy, especially when ordering from an unknown vendor. It is also recommended to avoid buying a doll from any website that redirects you to another vendor or has an affiliate link. Such websites are often not review sites but vendors in disguise and are likely to sell you a knockoff doll that doesn’t look as good or last as long as the original.

The best way to find a reliable sex doll vendor is to visit a forum or review site that rates different brands. SexDollGenie is a great example of a comprehensive rating site that is also transparent about the ordering/manufacturing/shipping process.

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