Video Moderation Software

Video moderation software helps businesses maintain a safe online environment by removing inappropriate content from user-generated videos. These tools can be used for a variety of applications, including online dating and gaming sites.

Video moderation software identifies offensive content through text or image analysis and flags it for removal. It can also help to monitor advertising policies by detecting sponsored posts that violate company guidelines.


A growing number of content moderation tools are available, which use artificial intelligence to identify inappropriate and offensive content. These tools can help you sift through millions of photos, videos, and live streams to ensure they’re safe and meet your brand guidelines.

Video and audio graphics moderation software can scan user-generated content for anything that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive, including explicit content, nudity, violence, and hate imagery. These tools also provide an easy way to identify and remove videos from your site that violate brand guidelines.

For example, Hive Moderation is a cloud-based video moderation tool that analyzes uploaded videos and automatically tags them as NSFW or inappropriate. It uses machine learning to scan user-generated content, and you can configure thresholds for different categories of content, such as NSFW and inappropriate. The software can also be used to automatically moderate your entire channel’s video content.

Hive Moderation is a good choice for brands and influencers who want to moderate their own content. Its models are based on training data from thousands of users and can be scaled easily to handle large volumes of content. Its API returns results within a few seconds and you can increase it to handle millions of images per month.

The team at Respondology wants to make it easier for creators to monitor comments left on their YouTube and Instagram content. Their new comment moderation tool, The Mod, uses artificial intelligence sweeping and a 1,000-strong back-up team to remove offensive, trollish, or spammy comments from your content within five minutes.

Six Premier League clubs are in talks with Respondology about a deal that would see their players’ social media posts moderated. The tech company’s technology automatically removes troll comments, racist and homophobic hate speech, and spam from players’ social posts on Instagram and YouTube.

Respondology’s business in sports is “roughly half” of its monthly revenue, President Erik Swain told The Athletic. Its clients include the NFL and NBA.

According to data provided by The Athletic, the company hid more than 10 categories of comments for the Pistons from January 2021 to June 2021. Those included spam/bots, severe swearing, political references and racist remarks.


LiveWorld is an online moderation service that combines the compassion and intelligence of human beings with the efficiency of industry-leading software technology. Their US-based teams monitor and moderate social media sites around the clock, and work to protect your brand’s reputation.

Their platform is built to remove spam, malware and other inappropriate content from images, videos and forums within minutes. It is powered by a Superhuman Vision AI engine that runs 15 times faster than real time and has more than 10,000 preloaded tags. It’s customizable and easy to integrate with other tools, including Stream Chat.

The platform’s AI-powered filtering system can be customised to match the specific needs of your community. It also has a feedback loop that allows for continuous improvement.

This tool is used by a range of platforms from small to large, including YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. It is based on machine learning and can be scaled to handle growing traffic.

It’s designed to automatically reject vulgar, offensive and sexual content on photos and video. Its models are based on training data from thousands of users and can be easily updated.

They can help you moderate comments on blogs, websites and forums as well as social media. Their team of moderators is available around the clock to respond to questions and concerns. They can also help you create engaging content for your audience.

The software is able to block abusive content, including sexual and violent language, with a single click. Its filters can be personalised by club or individual clients to include keywords that will filter out specific terms.

In addition, they can be adapted to suit the culture of any client. This makes them a great fit for clubs who want to provide a safe environment for their members and protect their brand from harmful messages.

Their service is available across all major social media channels, and can be integrated with their CRM to automatically create customer profiles. It is also scalable to cater to a variety of communities, and can be rolled out at a pace that suits the client’s budget and business goals.


VIDIZMO is a leading provider of Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) solutions. Its products enable organizations to organize and share videos within a brandable portal, auto-ingest recorded meetings, use AI for improved search, broadcast live streaming and much more.

VIDIZMO supports a variety of deployment models, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. It also offers one of the most versatile ranges of data storage, application hosting, encoding, and video streaming capabilities.

It is designed for communication, training & learning, law enforcement, public safety, healthcare and virtual events in the cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Its digital evidence management system, DEM, is a solution that helps governmental agencies capture and analyze a large amount of ever-growing video surveillance content.

This content can be shared with internal and external viewers through a trouble-free portal. The platform also has a powerful moderation and review module that allows users to approve or reject submitted content.

The moderation software is able to identify and flag content that is illegal or potentially incriminating. It can also block unauthorized content from being published or downloaded.

Using machine learning, it can help you spot videos that are violating your rules or are otherwise inappropriate. This can be a valuable tool for any organization, especially if you have a high volume of content to moderate.

When a new video is uploaded, it goes through a pre-filtering process to check for any potentially illegal or inappropriate content. It can then be approved or rejected by a moderator or manager.

VIDIZMO’s moderation and review module is a user-friendly, browser-based application. It can be deployed on a wide range of platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and on-premises.

It offers an easy way to redact elements from audio and video files, even if the user does not have any prior experience with video editing. The tool can be installed on any computer, smartphone or tablet and is accessible through all browsers.

It is a great option for companies that are looking to create a video content portal that can be used internally and by external audiences. It also has a number of other features, such as live streaming and video campaigning.


As online social platforms swarm with content, the need for automated moderation tools has never been greater. One of the most powerful tools is a word filter, which can be configured to automatically tag and quarantine potentially offensive comments before they even reach the viewer. However, word filters have their limitations. For instance, you could use them to remove all of the red tea in a cup of coffee but how do you get them to identify and label the milk and eggs? This is where FilterBuddy comes in. It combines the aforementioned word filters with a plethora of other features, such as a customizable dashboard, time-series graphs and charts to name but a few. Best of all, it’s open source and free. The npm package is available for download at the time of this writing. It’s the type of software that is likely to make you the envy of your peers. To learn more, sign up for a free account and start using the coolest video moderation software today! You’ll be glad you did.

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