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Important information for exporters
Notification of Significant Changes to Seafood Export Customs and Tariff Export Recording

As from 1 January 2012, widespread changes to the international Harmonised System of Customs Classification of seafood products in international trade (HS 2012) will come into force. The changes were agreed to in the World Customs Organisation in 2009, of which New Zealand is a member.

Please download the documents below for further information.

Customs Tariff Change Letter 303kB
2012 Correlation Key 234kB
The International arena
Obligations to ensure the protection and responsible utilisation of fish stocks extend beyond our territorial seas. New Zealand is a signatory to treaties that require international sustainable management of fish stocks.
International interest in and respect for the Quota Management System has increased liaison with other fishing nations with an interest in managing wild resources sustainably, as well as managing access to marine resources.

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council has worked closely with government agencies to support an expert, technical review in the World Trade Organisation of the impact of subsidies on the international trade in fish and fish products. Open and liberal trading conditions are essential for the economic well being of the New Zealand seafood industry because such a large proportion of its revenue comes from exports.

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