Seafood ITO

The seafood industry has a growing demand for skilled and competent people throughout the industry, from operators to managers.

The Seafood Industry Training Organisation (Seafood ITO) facilitates competence-based training across all areas of the industry, including both industry-specific training, such as seafood processing and more general training, eg management and information technology skills. Seafood ITO does this by:

working closely with the industry to develop and maintain seafood training standards and qualifications
accessing government training funds for the industry
co-ordinating training providers to meet the training needs of companies
working with individual companies to analyse and meet training needs
Identifying current and future skill needs for the industry and developing training strategies to meet those needs.
A Maori caucus within Seafood ITO, made up of representatives of Te Ohu Kai Moana develop key policy issues for Maori in seafood industry training.

For detailed information about the Seafood Industry Training Organisation visit the Seafood ITO website. Or contact Seafood ITO on:
ph: +64 4 385 4005
fax: +64 4 385 2727

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