Science group

To ensure that the management of New Zealand’s seafood resource has a strong foundation, the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Science group provides quality science services and promotes excellence in research and development.

Measuring and managing fisheries, fish stocks and their effect on the marine environment is a complicated business. Complex methods and specialised expertise are required.

The Council’s Science group has established a well-deserved reputation providing services to the New Zealand seafood industry and also consulting services in New Zealand and overseas.

Supporting the Industry
The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Science group’s purpose is to support commercial stakeholders promote a sustainable and profitable seafood industry, recognising their commitment to efficient utilisation of resources, while ensuring sustainability.

Part of the commodity levy paid by quota owners and permit holders is used to fund the activities of the Science group. These activities provide the seafood industry with credible seafood research and independent advice. This enables the industry to lead the management of its seafood resources, and participate in research planning processes.

Based on robust and credible science, the seafood industry can make decisions that balance the utilisation and sustainability of seafood resources.

Key activities

Stock assessment and related fisheries research remain a key role for the Science group. The unit makes industry-led research accessible and affordable by designing industry-managed data collection systems, and by providing expert services and advice.

In conjunction with other units of the Council, a major emphasis is being placed on developing capacity within the seafood industry for science services and fisheries planning purposes. The Science group is further developing its capacity to provide services and advice in the wider science issues affecting the management of seafood resources today.

The Science group provides consultancy services in fisheries science and management. More information on the services offered, past and current collaborations and projects, and the credentials of the group, will be available on these pages soon.

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